Passoã sangria

Mix up passion fruit with all the goodness of rose wine to share this fruity cocktail with your friends!


1 part Passoã
2 parts rosé wine

Fresh oranges & handful of berries

No time to prepare? We have the solution! Passoã Sangria is a great idea for Happy Hours, and is easy to make and share. All you need is bottles of Passoã and rosé wine (don't worry if it’s already opened) and ice cubes. Don't have a pitcher? No problem, use whatever you have at hand, as long as it's big. Don't forget to add lots of fresh sliced oranges and handful of berries. With its light, fruity taste, not surprising it is the hit of the Summer!

We like

The exotic twist

We love

A great last minute idea. Whether you have 10, 20 or 30 people